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Government Fees for Court, Filing and Processing


Government fees and court costs for commonly used services are a common part of the legal system. In order to resolve your situation as quickly as possible and reduce the chances for delay, we can ensure that your fees for file processing and costs for superior court or family court are taken care of in a timely manner. We can help you figure out how much is owed by sorting through the details and working with you to make the payment on time. The BPSI team has years of experience in the field and expert knowledge about court costs and fees associated with various legal matters in the Greater Toronto Area. We can assist you with costs related to:

Estate Fees
Taxes and fees related to real estate, including those associated with inheritance cases, evictions, foreclosures and real estate sales.

Family Court
Costs associated with family court cases, including custody issues, child support arrangements and other court costs.

Sheriff's Fees
Fees for processing arrest warrants, serving eviction notices, after hours operation, providing access to documents and other administrative fees.

Construction Liens Act
Those who furnish labor, professional services, materials or equipment for the repair, remodel or alteration of a residence and aren't paid can enforce their claim for payment against your property with a lien.

Repair and Storage Liens Act
The RSLA gives a repairer or storer of goods the right to hold onto property with a lien against goods that were repaired and stored yet not paid for. Our office can help to serve these liens or help you process payment for the return of your goods.

Small Claims Court - Clerk`s Fees
There are several different fees associated with filing a claim in small claims court. Let us take care of ensuring that your fees are paid in full and on time.

Superior Court of Justice and Court of Appeal
Fees associated with these courts can be quite complex and are dependent upon the details of your filing. BPSI can review your case and give you an assessment based on your information.


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